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It’s raining. You’re hungry, you’re tired, you’re wet and you’re scared! Not only are you suffering physically, you also have the burden of being the Commander of a group of five military specialists (a medic, a demolition expert, a sniper, a scout, and you) during the Korean War of 1950 to 1953. Comprising of 15 missions spread over five campaigns, each with its own unique setting, this group of soldiers is there to undertake those missions which prove too dangerous for most. Korea: Forgotten Conflict provides both real and original locations using approved military tactics, facilities and equipment. The environments are played through an original, scalable ‘glass eye’ view, which is easy to manipulate, as you decide your strategy and tactics whilst on the move.

Korea: Forgotten Conflict is a 3D Real Time Strategy game based on the war that no-one, save for those involved, wants to remember. In game film sequences will reinforce the atmosphere and realism within this fully interactive environment. Although there were 450,000 Allies lost in conflict (and, to date, there are still more than 8,000 servicemen unaccounted for), Communist casualties amounted to nearly 2 million. Maybe you can lessen these numbers.

  • Comprehensive range of weather effects (including season changes).
  • Free camera movement with detailed zoom and smooth rotation.
  • Detailed building interiors.
  • Locations include airfields, open streets of Seoul, train stations, factories, POW camps and monasteries.
  • Highly detailed dynamic shadows and lighting.
  • Massive levels.

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